Welcome to Open Day at AAU CPH

See you next year!

Open Day was held on 10 February 2022. Thank you for your participation. See you next year!

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At en.cph.aau.dk you can read much more about our campus in Copenhagen. You can find more information about our degree programmes and the study environment - and you can be updated on everything, that happens at campus.

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Global Refugee Studies (International Relations)

Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ICTE)

Nordic master in sustainable ICT solutions (ICTE specialization)

Surveying, Planning and Land Management // Surveying and Planning

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Study environment


The study environtment at AAU CPH is great. There is several student organizations with lots of comitted students who help to form a community on campus. As a new student, you can join, and become a part of the community at AAU CPH.

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Study form


AAU is known for its study form of problem-based learning (PBL). This means that during your studies at AAU, we can offer you the opportunity to work with issues of social relevance in an environment characterised by teamwork and close contact with fellow students, academically as well as socially. 

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Let Emilie be your personal guide when she gives you a virtual tour of Aalborg University Copengagen. Use the tour to get a sense of the locations, colors and facilities on campus. Of course, you are always welcome to stop by campus, and have a look yourself. 

Study start


Feel the energy, mood and atmosphere on the first day of AAU CPH where the start of studies begin. From day one everyone is networking, the mood is top notch, and for both new and old students it is the beginning of somehting new and exciting.

Explore campus

Explore AAU CPH from home! Go get yourself a nice cup of coffee before you get started, and smell the coffee when you pass the coffee machines or 'Kaffepletten'. In this way you can use your senses even though you are at home. Enjoy!